Notice of Special General Meeting

College of Medical Administrators of Sri Lanka

Notice is hereby given to all members that a Special General Meeting will be held  to discuss the resolution  submitted to Annual General Meeting of College of Medical Administrators on 12th January 2018 to amend the constitution of the College. Please submit your concerns on or before 15th February 2018. 


Amendment to Clause  II.5 of the constitution

The College of Medical Administrators of Sri Lanka CMASL) offers two types of membership to its members, namely: associate membership and full membership. In order to obtain full membership it is constitutionally required for the member to enter deputy or senior administrative grade and hold an administrative position.

However, in light of the fact that no person had been admitted to the Deputy Administrative Grade for over seven years,

It is proposed that full membership of the CMSAL is granted to associate members with a period of membership over one year provided that the associate member at the time of application for full membership is holding an administrative post (permanent or acting) or is following the MD course in Medical Administration.   

Proposed by:  Dr. Dilip Liyanage

Seconded by: Dr. Dinesh Koggalage


College of Medical Administrators of Sri Lanka

29th January 2018