Courtesy visit to the Director General of Health Service on 23rd of June 2016

The president CMASL and Council Members paid a courtesy call to introduce the new council and present the plan of activities for 2016 to the Director General of Health Service on 23rd of June 2016 at 5.00 pm. There were 18 members present, including four past presidents. Members of the council were asked to introduce themselves to the DGHS.


DGHS welcomed all the council members and expressed his pleasure at meeting the new council. He said that he expects CMASL to guide the department of Health whenever a need arises. President after thanking DGHS for agreeing to meet the council presented the plan of activities for this year and invited DGHS to participate at these events as the head of the department. Eleven activities have been completed successfully up to now. DGHS has missed the recent joint academic session with CMASL and CSSL due to unavoidable circumstances, however, DGHS expressed his willingness to support future activities of the CMASL. The President explained the need for CMASL to have regular dialogue with DGHS and requested to have quarterly meeting during this year to which he agreed.

He further announced that a special general meeting has been scheduled to amend the constitution aiming to bring back the good practices and traditions of the college. He said anyone who has aspirations to be the President of this prestigious college must serve at least four years as an office bearer of the college and actively contribute to uplift the CMASL. Therefore, it was agreed that President Elect should be the Vice President of the preceding year. In agreement, DGHS explained that these were the traditions of the college and he himself served as the secretary and in other posts before becoming the Vice President, President elect and the President of CMASL. President said that these posts should not be contested to prevent divisions among the members. He explained the necessity of giving full membership status to Associate Members as one-time activity due to undue delay in getting their appointments as deputy administrative grade officers.

 Dr. Sridharan, chair of the academic committee presented Toast master’s programme. Toastmasters International has agreed to hold eleven days’ course for Rs. 200,000/- for our members. It will be conducted in the evening one day a week. 30 members can be allowed to participate and it will be on first come first basis. DGHS agreed to release funds for this activity and requested Dr Sunil De Alwis to look into this request for funds The President explained about Pre Congress session of the SLMA which is planned to be held on 23rd of June 2016. AAAH conference which is to be held in October and President CMASL solicited presence of DGHS at these events.

Then the President emphasized the necessity of having proof of legitimate ownership of the College premises. DGHS requested Dr. Lakshmi Somathunga to prepare and issue a letter in this regard. As a long term solution need to identify a land in a suitable location was discussed. Possibility of getting bout 10- 15 perches from Maligawatta hospital to be explored as it is to be expanded by the line ministry. Management committee should look into this matter. DGHS was of the opinion that the college should hold attractive training courses to raise funds for the college.

Dr. Kumara Wickramasinghe asked DGHS whether a Medical Administrator has a provision to use public funds to purchase furniture for his or her official quarters and DGHS replied that this kind of request must be made individually to him to take a decision and basic house hold items can be allowed. It was also pointed out that there is still a long delay in finalizing the Administrative allowance.  DGHS mentioned that as previous cabinet decision was rejected; need to bring this proposal again after getting the views of the minister of Finance. As good managers can reduce waste by managing resources efficiently, these practices should be reflected in reduction of health budget this should provide reasonable justification to have increase in administrative allowance. Hence, this proposal can be considered as a return to the government and to be presented as a case to the Minister of Finance. Dr. Anil Jasinghe mentioned that good management practices must be shown to the decision maker in this regard and some evidence in this regards should also be presented.

Finally, President and the Secretary thanked DGHS for meeting the new council and giving a patient hearing and said CMASL will look forward to meeting him regularly in the future as agreed.

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