CPD Activity : Hospital Planning


CMASL had its first CPD activity for this year on 09th July 2013 at Light House Galley. The participation was high and many medical administrators took part in the event.

Dr. Yash Paul Bhatia is the Managing Director of Astron Hospital & Healthcare Consultants Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi India and he is a renowned expert in the field of Hospital Planning, Management & Quality in Healthcare organizations.Dr Bhatia in his presentation addressed the following topics citing his practical experience.

  • Basic Principles of Hospital Planning
  • Emerging trends
  • Evidence-based Hospital Planning
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Medical Administrators Forum, College of Medical Administrators of Sri Lanka



November 22nd 2012, 2.00-4.00 p.m. at Post Graduate Institute of Medicine

The forum for Medical administrators was held on 22nd November 2012 at PGIM.

Two presentations wer emade at the forum.

  1. Guest presentation: Negotiation skills
    Mr. Hasalaka Arampola.
  2. Determinants of Local Purchase of Drugs at Hospital Settings in Sri Lanka
    Dr. Pathma Kumar Wickramaisghe


August 24th 2012, 2.30-4.30 p.m. at Post Graduate Institute of Medicine

The forum for Medical Administrators was held. As there were only one batch of trainees following a Postgraduate course at present, and as it was on a working day, the participation was not as expected.

There were three presentations made at the forum under the chairmanship of Dr. N. Jayasekara. The presentations were given below.

  1. Health system contribution in promoting leaders amongst community health workers
    Dr. Suranga Dolamulla, D/ RDHS , Hambantota.
    Dr. Sarath Samarage, National consultant WHO

  2. Diagnosing-changing-organization-culture
    Dr. Raj Kumar, Medical Officer, Provincial General Hospital, Ratnapura

  3. Implementation of Quality and Productivity srategy in a Provincial Base Hospital
    Dr. Chandana Gajanayake, Base Hospital, Balapitiya.


November 25th, 2011, 2.30 to 4.30 p.m., Postgraduate Institute for Medicine

The Medical Administrators forum was held on November 25th, 2011 from 2.30 - 4.30 p.m. at the Auditorium of the Postgraduate Institute for Medicine, and was well attended.

The forum was chaired by Dr. S.A.P. Gnanissara, Chairman of the Academic Committee, CMASL. The Welcome address was given by Dr. Sarath Samarage, President of the College of Medical Administrators of Sri Lanka, outlining the background and objectives of the Forum.

The first presentation entitled "Responsiveness in Healthcare" was done by Dr. Jayange Ranasinghe, MSc. Medical Administration Trainee, PGIM, on a research study proposal to be carried out in the Medical Wards of the General Hospital, Matara, looking at the relationship between functions and objectives of a health system in terms of Responsiveness to the peoples' non-medical expectations.

The second presentation by Dr. R. Bellana, MD Part I Trainee was on the "Balanced Scorecard"as a performance measurement framework used in strategic planning and management, which helps align activities to an organization's vision and strategy through the four perspectives of Finance, Customer, Internal Processes and Learning & Growth.

Dr. Sanath Gunasekera, Former Director, Laboratory Services and Director/SJGH, on short notice recounted many "Tail Twisting" experiences during his tenure in the Health Service, adding both history and humour to the proceedings.

Dr. Dilantha Dharmagunawardene, MD Medical Administration Part II Trainee, did an excellent presentation on "GIS Applications in Health Systems Research", showing its use in Healthcare with examples in End Stage Renal Failure, the location of laboratories and healthcare institutions in the North Western Province through location efficiency and the allocation model.

"Innovations: An update in HRD" was presented by Dr. Piyal Ratnayake, Director/U & EH and Acting Coordinator of HR, Ministry of Health and Consultant Medical Administrator. It was a roadmap and framework for setting up a Human Resource Management Unit in the Ministry of Health in Sri Lanka.

An open forum for discussion of any questions or clarifications followed each presentation.

Dr. Sarath Samarage concluded the proceedings by thanking all those who had made presentations and all those who participated to make this forum a success, finally inviting all to participate in this monthly activity to be held on the last Friday of each month in collaboration with the Board of Study in Medical Administration of the Postgraduate Institute of Medicine.

Medical Administrators Forum

Budding Medical Administrators welcome the opportunity to share their work

A decision was taken by the Board of Study (BOS) in Medical Administration of the Post Graduate Institute of Medicine (PGIM) to organize a Forum, especially for the post graduate trainees in Medical Administration. The BOS requested the Council of the College of Medical Administrators of Sri Lanka to organize the 'Medical Administrators Forum'.

The on-line opinion survey conducted by the college this year also revealed the need for such a forum, especially to actively engage the junior administrators in college activities. This will be a continuing professional development activity of the college.

1. To engage the medical administrators in Sri Lanka in a dialog to discuss current issues and new developments related to medical administration
2. To provide an opportunity to the postgraduate trainees in medical administration to share their learning experiences with the peers
3. To share the research findings of postgraduates and medical administrators.

The Forum will be organized by the Academic Committee of the College of Medical Administrators in collaboration with the Board of Study in Medical Administration of the PGIM. It will be held on the last Friday of every month, at the PGIM. The postgraduate trainees in the MSc and MD(Medical Administration) and the members of the college are invited to attend.

The two hour programme will comprise of three 15-20min. presentations by the MSc, MD Part I and Part II Trainees, a brief presentation on an innovative work in Medical Administration by a Consultant Medical Administrator and a spot of 'Tail Twisting' sharing some anecdotal stories by a veteran Medical Administrator.

Monitoring & Evaluation
The Board of Study in Medical Administration of the PGIM and the Council of the College will monitor the progress periodically. The Academic Committee will document the Forum proceedings and send a report to the BOS and the Council. The key findings will be circulated among the membership and other stakeholders through the College website, newsletter and the Journal. Outstanding contributions to the Forum will be recognized at the Annual Scientific Sessions.