Courtesy visit to the Director General of Health Service on 23rd of June 2016

The president CMASL and [ ... ]


Visit of the Council Members 2016 with the Minister of Health and Indigenous Medicine, Hon. Dr. Rajitha [ ... ]


Joint Academic Meeting with College of Surgeons

The College of Medical Administrators (CMASL) renewing [ ... ]


Unveiling of portraits of three past presidents of CMASL

Unveiling of portraits of three past presidents [ ... ]


The proceedings commenced with the President CSSL , Dr Ranjan Dias welcoming the members from both colleges. He compared the characteristics of both professions and highlighted the importance of each mentioning that surgeons need to focus on a micro picture while administrators need to look at more macro level picture.

President CMASL Dr Shanti Dalpatadu then addressed the gathering and he also welcomed everyone. He highlighted the importance of the event and the need of taking forward the dialogue and discussion and recommendations arising from this meeting by both colleges to improve patient centred care which will ultimately benefit the patients.

An important presentation was made by Dr Anuruddha Abeygunasekara (Consultant urological Surgeon at CSTH), titled “Expectations of Surgeons from Medical Administrators to improve patient care”. This echoed the thoughts of surgeons listing strengths and weaknesses of the surgeons as well as touching on areas for collaboration for improvements such as record keeping and data management. Novel ideas like Deputy Director specializing in surgical sections and collaborative efforts in Health System Research were some of the important insights that were conveyed by him.

Next presentation, appropriately titled “Expectations of Medical Administrators from Surgeons to improve patient care” was made by Dr Asela Gunawardena (Director of CSTH). He acknowledged the great services rendered by the surgeons for the public and touched upon many areas where surgeons could further help to improve patient care services.He Also highlighted areas where surgeons could help to innovate with Medical Administrators to improve patient care and stressed the importance of involvement of surgeons in Total Quality Management and wound care in outpatient’s settings.

Dr Ruvaiz Haniffa representing the college of General Practitioners made a presentation titled “Expectations of GP’s from Surgeons and Medical Administrators to improve patient care”. He discussed many current issues like establishment of a referral system.

A panel discussion on” Creating a Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) to improve surgical Patient Care “followed chaired by Dr Anil Jasinghe – DDG NHSL and other panellists were prof. MD Lamawansa – President elect CSSL, Dr Shanti Dalpatadu – President CMASL, Dr Ranjan Dias President CSSL. Many interesting points were raised by both Surgeons and Medical Administrators. A novel idea proposed was to create a new cadre for manning equipment as theatre technicians which could improve the status quo in surgical equipment utilization. Finally, the panellist summed up the sessions and discussed on the way forward to harvest the synergies of the two specialities and agreed on appointing 5 members from each college to closely collaborate and make an action plan for the colleges to take the recommendations forward. Closing remarks were made by Dr Anil Jasinghe who chaired the panel.

The vote of thanks was proposed by Dr Sudath K. Dharmaratne – Secretary CMASL on behalf of the College of Medical Administrators of Sri Lanka and the College of Surgeons Sri Lanka. He thanked each and every person who worked tirelessly to make this event a success specially the PG trainees in Medical Administration and also the participants of this landmark event.

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