“Toastmasters Communication Program” was held aligned with the special general meeting of the College of Medical Administrators of Sri Lanka on Friday, 24th June 2016 at the Lighthouse Galley – Colombo 01. The resource personnel for this event were from the Colombo Toastmasters Club.

The introductory talk was delivered by TM Yusuf Jevunjee DTM who was the immediate past district governor of District 82 which comprising of clubs in Tamil Nadu, India and Sri Lanka.  The title was “Need for Effective communication” and he fittingly conveyed the initial message with the importance of communication skills in social and corporate life of an individual.

It was followed by a sharing session on “Essence of Power Point presentation” by TM Sarmaa Mahalingam who was the immediate past president of the Colombo Toastmasters Club. He highlighted some unknown facts in presentation skills using PowerPoint such as use of slide designs with 1 – 2 colors, value of keeping few words in slides with pictures and keeping the title on top left corner of the slide for better visualization. 

The next sharing session was on “Effective Meetings” and it was presented by TM Asgi Noordeen who is one of the presidents of the Colombo Toastmasters Club. He stressed some important practical points for the effective meeting conduction and mentioned that meetings can be major time wasters if conducted inefficiently although the intention may not have been that. He stressed sending the minutes before the meeting, punctual in commencement and adherence to the time and agenda are some of the key points.

The final sharing was titled as “Speaking off the cuff” by Trishma Pinto who was an award winning speaker and current District Champion of Evaluations. It highlighted three key strategies for initiating a quick speech without preparation as 3Cs’ i.e. Create a PREP (Point, Reason, Example, Point), Cause and Effect and Connect to familiarity. She created an interactive environment by inviting participants to speak using above strategies.

A Question & Answer session followed.
Concluding remarks were made by the President of the College, Dr. Shanti Dalpatadu and a vote of thanks delivered by the Asst. Secretary, Dr. Alan Ludowyke.

The session ended with a fellowship dinner at the Light House Galley.

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